SBARG – What is it?

September 13, 2008 at 11:45 pm (SBARG, XNA) (, , )

SBARG is a 2D RTS Game, in its basic form you might call it a “tower defense” style game. I think im going to invent a new genre right here and now called Turret Attack Game. So SBARG is a Turret Attack Game where you play as a robot who has to help Dr Strobo conduct his all important research. Your part in all of this madness is to protect Dr Strobo’s research pod where he resides from the destructive Weed Monsters. You do this by planting Pods in the world which attack and destroy the enemies. Enemies have different behaviours so different pods are required to counter this. The enemies also gain in strength and wit, upgrading pods enables you to increase your protection for Dr Strobo. You must use strategy to decide where to plant your pods because losing pods to Weed Monster attacks can be costly and ultimatly end in Dr Strobo’s demise.

I decided early on that SBARG should be as free as possible, so there is no grid to restrict your placement of pods in the world, and there are larger worlds which enable you to fly around and have even more freedom over placement. Some enemies will be very aware of its surroundings and dangers imposed and try to avoid attack before reaching its ultimate goal. Other enemies will not be so cautious or be aggressive by nature. This makes for very flexible gameplay and it’s very easy for one experience of the game to be very different to another.

SBARG is developed using the XNA Framework by myself and a friend who has produced the artwork for the game. It’s first target audience will be the judges for the Dream Build Play competition and after the game is complete it will be released to millions of XBOX users, which will be just an amazing feeling once it’s released.

Here is a tiny snippet of gameplay in screenshot form. There will be video footage soon of the game in action.




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