SBARG – An Audio Update

March 17, 2009 at 9:10 pm (Uncategorized)

So lately I’ve been focusing a lot more on the audio section of SBARG. As my game is written on top of the XNA framework, playing audio is really simple. In the current stable build of SBARG I simply have a selection of sound effects in an XACT project and I just call SBARGAudio.Play(“ShooterPodFire”); at the relevant time and it plays the related sound effect.

But it’s what the contents of the audio that was beginning to bother me. After much searching I didn’t really find what I was looking for with the power of google, so I set out to brainwash one of my musical friends. I’m glad to announce that it worked. Having somebody create a sample audio track based on a little bit of information about the game had an immediate impact. A couple of samples were sent to me which I instantly liked.

Sample 1

Sample 2

I felt both these tracks would work in the main menu portion of the game. It’s not a major turning point in the dev cycle but it’s the little touches that this game is currently lacking in.

Another positive outcome of this newly found enthusiasm is I finally decided to make an effort to experiment with giving Dr Strobo a voice. So I set out in brainwashing another friend, and unsurprisingly, it worked again. I handed over part of my script for Dr Strobo and what I got in return was a very pleasant surprise. While it was very different to the voice that I had in my head in my head, I felt it had potential. Here are a few short samples of the raw unedited clips.

Sample Voice 1

Sample Voice 2

After some very quick hacky code, and some very unskilled processing I managed to capture this video

I was like …. Wow!! It’s Dr Strobo, he’s alive 🙂

Now back to the beginning of this post where I said this was easy. That was a lie, due to some limitations in xna I can’t have this audio as1 long WAV file, this introduces a lot of extra manual labor and lots of thinking and coding to make work. The new soundtracks and effects are a must, but the voice over, is it worth it? The dury is still out ….



  1. Ziggy said,

    Awesome 🙂 Any idea when a release will be ready for CG? 😛

  2. conkerjo said,

    Well, I was hoping for an end of March release. This is now dependent on wether I decide to go with the voice for Dr Strobo. This would probably add a few weeks onto the release date.
    Playtesting is going ok though, pushing a new build out in the next few days to get more feedback.
    All I can say is, IT’S COMMING!!!!!!

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