XBOX Community Games Sales – On Reflection

March 31, 2009 at 7:06 pm (Other Stuff, XNA)

Earlier I posted about the initial reaction the XBOX Community Games sales data, I immediately changed my perception of the results we know and had I not had an amazing new feature to add to Level 7 I would have responded earlier.
Some of the reaction in the forums is a little naive like with the I have my sales numbers and I want to cry thread, I must say though there are plenty of developers on there with their head screwed on and got almost exactly what they anticipated.

There has been awesome coverage of this new found information about the Community Games. If anything it’s good publicity for the service.. “There is NOT a free money pit, look elsewhere” or something, but on the other hand with analysis such as gamerbytes did here we see that some of the better quality games, and games which have done their own hard work to promote their own game, have come out on top. Wordsoup has performed incredibly well, congratulations to those guys.

I think this has worked out perfectly. The service is going to gain more coverage, even if its more developers downloading trials, it’s something more than now and it will continue to grow. But it will also inspire the hard working people with passion to make even more great games. I particularlyyyy like ZP2K9 and Solar, a handful of others too but these 2 I play often, except.. ZP2K9 needs more customers OK!! so go buy it immediately and make James Silva even more richerererer.

P.S Did you also know? you can go onto the market place wherever you have a browser and view info about all of these games available. Good stuff? Find something you like? Hit the Game Demo button, or the Full game button if you’re feeling flush, or if the game is called SBARG, then down below is a button saying “Download to Xbox 360” then when you get home and turn on your Xbox 360, which you do as your priority of course, it will automatically download them for you. Make a brew, and you’re ready to go demo some Community Games.


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