Early IceCream Engine Release

April 20, 2009 at 12:30 am (XNA)

I have decided to make a release of IceCream & Milkshake.
IceCream is a 2D game engine built for XNA and Milkshake is the 2D visual editor for IceCream.
Included in the download is a very simple sample of IceCreamPong.
It’s a little hacked together but take a look at how things work.

IceCream & Milkshake are still very young and this is a very early look at what it can do, it has some known issues, and I’m sure it will have some yet unknown issues so please use this with caution as I cannot take any responsibility for it yet.

I use IceCream & Milkshake with SBARG and it has made the development much easier. So once learning the quirks this is a very functional engine and editor.

Please feel free to try it out by downloading the self extracting exe here

Once installed open the IceCreamPong sample in the Samples directory and make sure it builds ok. (The reference maybe wrong if you installed to a different location). Then run to make sure it runs and plays a very simple version of pong.

Now run Milkshake.exe and open the Game.icproj file from withint the IceCreamPong directory, (edit) You will need to open the icescene file from the Content directory.
Try something crazy like…. adding bloom… mmmm. MORE BLOOM!!!

I’ll work on some “Getting started guides” but please feel free to try it out and let me know what you think in the comments or if it’s something more detailed or you want a bit of help I’ll try my best to respond to conkerjoe at hotmail dot co dot uk


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