A Pinball Prototype

April 24, 2009 at 6:57 pm (IceCream, XNA) (, , )

Last night I set myself and a friend a challenge. Make a game in 1 night. We’ve done it before with Rock Paper Scissors Live. This time we failed, miserably. It’s not a functional game by any stretch of the imagination, however it is a cool little prototype.

2D Pinball was the genre we chose, so I created a new IceCream project and off I went. Using the Farseer integration it meant I had something up and running in no time, but it was proving difficult and time consuming to get the physics settings to feel like a pinball game. IceCream support for Farseer isnt quite complete yet, so there was quite a bit of code to write surrounding Springs and Joints. After some quick tweakage after arriving home I’ve got it to feel much better and much more like a pinball game. Here’s what it looks like now. I wonder if I’ll come back to this project and turn it into a game 🙂 could be fun.



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