XNA & Game A.I

July 7, 2009 at 7:28 pm (Other Stuff, XNA) (, , )

Over the past few weeks I have been developing an A.I middleware library for use with XNA games. I’ve spent a lot of this time in google searching for A.I articles and samples. It’s a force of habit to append XNA to the end of my code related searches and I wasn’t finding the information I needed to get the inspiration for my A.I library. I did figure out how to use google eventually and found lots of good, general A.I articles and samples. Most samples are c++ but it’s more about the concepts of A.I I was looking for than the samples.

At some point in the very near future I will be releasing the source code to this library along with a sandbox for you to see how to use it and to play around with it. One thing I’m struggling with is deciding what small chunks of A.I I should demonstrate. If you have some ideas of what you would like from an A.I sandbox please comment on this post and we can discuss.

In the meantime, here is a bunch of links I’ve been reading over the past few weeks relating A.I and some XNA specific ones I did find.


XNA Creators Club Online




  1. Disane said,

    I`ve heard about Goal Driven A.I. Agents. That would be nice to see how they work someday.Maybe steering behaviors and obstacle avoidance.Or an adaptive AI that learns from the players behavior (this one seems a bit complicated).

    Good luck with your library ,i`m looking forward to it and seeing it in action (perhaps in IceCream) 🙂

  2. Martin said,

    you may be interested int hsi link:


  3. gregsparrow said,

    And maybe for pathfinding use navigation mesh. Sorry for my bad english ))

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